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Red Hat Linux 9 Full

Kategoria: Linux
Wstawił:  Bezzol
Dodano: 27/03/2009
Rozmiar: 1.73 GB
Seedów: -/-
Leecherów: -/-
Komentarze: 0


"The Default Install - What is it Like"
First time users of Linux should consider going for the full installation (Everything) to have access to a wealth of pre-installed software - it takes longer to install but then you get access to all the tools and software on the first three CDs. Going with the default choice in the install menu doesn't give you everything (such as KDE and its associated applications and Red Hat's server applications/administrative tools) but does still provide enough to get working/playing/experimenting. I'll try and summarize some of what is included in the full install below, but I won't list every application because there's no point. You can always add or remove applications at a later stage in the package manager. Bear in mind, however, that the maximum install does not provide everything you'd expect to find as standard on a Windows XP machine. In fact, you'll notice that multimedia is lacking and other features abounding which may or may not suit you.

Web Browsers included:

Mozilla 1.21 is the default browser in Red Hat Linux 9, and it's a very nice browser by all standards, featuring tabbed browsing and pop-up blocking support among its features. Unfortunately, the included browser does not have plug-ins such as Java Virtual Machine/ShockWave/RealPlayer installed and that means that the end user will have to configure those plug-ins, easy to do in Windows but a pain in the neck in Linux.

The Konqueror (3.1-12) web browser is also included (KDE) and it's a nice browser by all accounts. I use Mozilla myself so I cannot really comment, but it too suffers from the lack of included plug-ins.

The Gnome-based Galeon is also included, and as above with Konqueror it's got lots of nice features and has its own audience, In fact, I like the way it does the google search bars, very neat integration with the browser. The included version of Galeon for those that care is 1.2.7.

The three browsers included above should be just fine for the average and even the advanced user, and as Mozilla is the default browser, most users will end up using it. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the included version of Mozilla (1.21) is that stable or bug free (note the current version is 1.3) so my advice for people who intend to use Mozilla: please upgrade to the latest stable release and as a result you'll find plug-ins are much easier to install.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging clients are all the rage, and Red Hat Linux 9 supplies enough to satisfy, so no complaints here.

Choose from GAIM, which is compatible with MSN messenger as I describe below, (and many other protocols which I don't) or LICQ.

Office Applications

OpenOffice is of course included as it was in Red Hat Linux 8.0, except this time it's a later version and you'll notice that it has an autocomplete icon which pops up, similar in a way to the 'clippy' icon so loved/hated in Microsoft Office.

An all-round package which is superb, lacking in TrueType Fonts but that's easily fixable. It still doesn't have an Outlook-type mail client equivalent, which is a shame for Windows to Linux switchers, however Evolution is a very good email application.
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