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Kategoria: Teledyski/Koncerty
Wstawił:  Ishimura
Dodano: 11/01/2021
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These things happen once in a lifetime... especially when you leave in a country like Greece, which seems to be isolated from the heart of Europe. Fates Warning honored the Greek audience, by choosing Athens to be the place where they would tape the gig for their upcoming DVD. Well, the Greek audiences are famous for their support and strength and Fates are worshiped here. Third time is a catch as they say, and Fates are here with a few big surprises for us.

I arrive at the place when Wastefall are on stage. I had seen them before (as an opening act for Pain of Salvation) and their approach to prog metal doesn?t say much to me... on the contrary to Fragile Vastness, which unfortunately I managed to miss. Anyway, the place sucks... it is small, the stage is low and in general inappropriate (although it is perfectly equipped sound wise). Of course the place is full, but I get lucky as I find a place upon some stairs, where I have a great view to the scene... and goodness, I couldn?t believe what I was going to experience

Around 22:00 Fates are on stage with the introduction of  Disconnected Pt. II?... the crowd is delirious and when  One? breaks out things are getting crazy. I look at the second guitar and cannot believe my eyes: Frank Aresti is back I read something relative on the site, but I just couldn?t believe it Man we?ve missed him The band seems to be in a good mood (despite the problems they had last night when they arrived at Thessaloniki with 6 hours delay and went right ahead for the gig) and definitely in perfect shape After such a performance I cannot understand who on earth spread the rumors that they will be disbanded They sound devastative and heavy as a massive truck full of bricks Anyway, the fact that they are taping the show for a DVD gave hints that they would play a best-off, something that they eventually did   yes, I can tell you that this was a dream-set for all Fates? fans. One prog anthem follows the other and we are ecstatic.

What struck my attention is that the crowd knows by heart even the songs from the (amazing) new album and sings along, especially in the wonderful  Another Perfect Day? (one of the highlights of the show). In general the songs from  Parallels? received the warmest (not to say delirious) welcomes, as the album is perceived here in Greece among the best in metal history ever. Here is the setlist (besides the songs I mentioned):  Quietus?,  Through Different Eyes?,  Life in Still Water?,  Point of View?,  Face the Fear?,  Monument?, two parts from  PSOG? (sorry, but I usually listen to the CD all at once and I never separate the parts   I think it was  Pt III? and  Pt. IX?),  Pieces of Me?,  Simple Human? and  Heal Me?.

If you ask for the highlight of the night, I can easily say  The Eleventh Hour?, where the crowd is very touching. I always promise myself to watch what the drummer plays when the glorious riff in the middle of the song enters, but I find my self headbanging again Those keeping in pace with the site might know that I think that Mark Zonder is the best drummer in the universe and to be honest I?ve been really disappointed that he didn?t follow the tour. However Spock?s Beard?s Nick D?Virgilio is an excellent drummer and this night pays tribute to what Mark has played in the past. He follows suit (by 90-95) Mark?s unearthly drumming and this honours him, as if he changed Fates? drums something from the identity of the group would have been lost. In addition I have to mention that Nick seemed to be very loose and tied with the band   he didn?t seem like a session musician In general the band seems to enjoy the show and gives everything on stage: Joey keeps headbanging, Ray jumps up and down, thanks the crowd and   based on his unique technique   delivers his difficult vocal parts (and after a long time he chose to lift up his voice and reach all his  high? notes). Jim is the usual calm rock on the left of the stage that skillfully guides the whole Fates? structure on stage too. Frank at the other side of the stage is... well, amazing Guitar solos acquire a monumental dimension when played by their creator.

First encore and the crowd gets ecstatic when Kevin Moore (yes the key-man who sealed how metal keys have been played in the 90s) takes his place behind the keyboard and the band offers us  Still Remains?. Words cannot describe the feelings... Second encore with the prog anthem  Nothing Left to Say? and we feel that are brains have crushed onto a wall. Unearthly performance and the band leaves the stage for good this time, leaving us after one hour and 45 minutes with a feeling of bliss. Yes, I know that after tonight I must have seen it all and I say to myself that there is no point in watching another live by any group. A few days later the webmaster informed me that Black Sabbath with the original line-up will play this June here in Greece and I?m afraid I will become a liar to myself... but I know now that for any other band... nothing?s easy anymore?...


1. One
2. A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part III
3. Life In Still Water
4. Simple Human
5. Heal Me
6. Pieces Of Me
7. Face The Fear
8. Quietus
9. Another Perfect Day
10. A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part XI
11. The Eleventh Hour
12. Point Of View
13. Monument
14. Still Remains (Keyboards   Kevin Moore)
15. Nothing Left To Say

DVD Extras:
Behind The Scenes
16. Excerpts From Bulgarian TV
17. Athens Rehearsal
18. Athens Soundcheck

Holland Headway Festival 2005 (Featuring Mike Portnoy)
19. Another Perfect Day (Drums   Mike Portnoy)
20. The Eleventh Hour (Drums   Mike Portnoy)

Filmed and recorded February 20th, 2005 at Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece

Bass Guitar   Joey Vera
Drums   Nick D&#39Virgilio
Guitar   Frank Aresti, Jim Matheos
Lead Vocals   Ray Alder



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